Piotr Zabrodzki - bass

Macio Moretti - drum


So: Piotras and Macias were playing with Baaba on a drumnbass party in Wroclaw and it turned out they both adore the genre, which in turn resulted in executing a drumnbass version of the whole show later that night (and a few other consecutive nights as well). Then in Krakow they went to this other party in Rentgen where Macias in full drumnbass amock lost the keys to the van. This could only mean one thing. They had to start a band. 60MP is a couch project - it consists of sitting on a couch and playing drumnbass for an hour nonstop. Simultaneously one can drink tea, nibble on something off a tiny plate or stretch one's back, cause it hurts. For tech geeks and ebay users it will be exciting to learn that Piotras and Macias use a minimal setup to obtain a maximal effect. The setup is = MicroKorg, Yamaha CS01 (P) and Yamaha Big Jam, Boss DD-3 Delay (M). And no loops biaaaatch!



"Behringer Mixtape Plan" (Lado ABC, 2014)