Bartek Weber - guitar, sampler 
Tomek Duda - saxophones, flute, sampler 
Piotr Zabrodzki - bass 
Jan Młynarski - drums 

Baaba was founded by Bartosz Weber in 2000. Already since its first form (2001), the band has had enthusiastic welcome and won a large fan base around Poland and in Europe. Baaba has given concerts all over the continent (England, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Russia), in clubs and at respected jazz, electronica festivals - Fertilizer Festival (London, Leeds), SKIF Festival (St. Petersburg), Sonic City Festival (Kortrijk), United Islands of Prague , Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, JVC Jazz Festival (Warsaw), Les Nuits Europeenes (Strasbourg), Terra Polska (Berlin), Unsound on Tour (Minsk, Belarus), Top Fest Zelena Voda (Slovakia). They are famous for their notorious and crazy appearances crossing the border of simple musical event and performance art.
After the first record filled with electronica, the project started to evolve from a studio concept into a live band. After six years and four studio albums it has been described as the Polish underground supergroup joined by the famous jazz and underground musicians and producers known for collaborations including most famous names from the world of pop and avant garde.

"Baaba" (Cpt. Sparky, 2000) 
"Con Gas (Teeto, 2001)
"Remixas Con Gas" (Lado ABC, 2004) 
"Poope Musique" (Lado ABC, 2006) 
"W Akwarium" (Lado ABC, 2008) 

"Disco Externo" (Lado ABC, 2010)
"Baaba Kulka" with Gaba Kulka (Mystic, 2011)

"The Wrong Vampire" (Lado ABC, 2012)

"Piastelsi EP" 7" with Gabriela i Michał (Lado ABC, 2013)

"EasterChristmas" (Lado ABC, 2014)