Joanna Halszka-Sokołowska - voice, guitar, smthng

Daniel Pigoński - keyboards, smthng smwhr

Jerzy Rogiewicz - drums, dziesięć dziesięć nie


Der Father started as a collaboration between Joanna Halszka Sokołowska and Daniel Pigoński. Keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, guitars, melody and joy are all key words for their musical doings. That is why they were quickly joined by: Rihanna, The Pope, G.D. Busch, Elvis P. and Jerzy A. Rogiewicz, enriching the band with his percussive genius.

Their debut album "Wake up" contains such hits as "Wake up", "Wake up 2", "Der Mother" or "Brother".

The group enjoys fun and expolsions; poetry, noise and raggaeton; fog on the road and car races. All in moderation and half tones.



"Wake Up" (Lado ABC, 2014)