Girth McGarth - guitar, vocal
Pan Wsadeusz aka Hegezjasz zwany Nawołującym Do Śmierci aka Stiff Alpinista - drums

Ed Wood is a noise-rock duo from Bydgoszcz formed in half of the first decade of the XXI century by Sam Waterston and Oleum et operam perdidi knows from the bands like Gumka Olik and XiuperSiu. Their music is based on difficult guitar parts and even more difficult drum parts. Vocal parts are so difficult that writing about them is like an architecture of dance, anatomy of shark or areopagitica of St.Paul. In the music of duo you can hear a lot of influences of american indie sound represented by the labels such as Touch & Go or Amphetamine Reptile – although the members of the band never heard of those bands when they were forming Ed Wood. The band is famous for their unpredictable live performances/happenings during which members masturbate the audience for example.

"Anal Animal" (Lado ABC, 2010)

"Post-Mortem Lovers" (Lado ABC, 2014)