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Being a lovechild of the home recording era, Felix Kubin started to make electronic music already at the young age of 12. Since the 1980s he has become a prolific composer, producer and performer, working across the fields of theatre, animation, film, radio art and electronic music, much of it containing his dark humor and manic-retro perspective on the surreal mindstates that developed behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Kubin has gained an international reputation as one of the most dynamic live performers of electronic music, as well as being Jury Gagarins telepathic conductor.


Discography (excerpt): 

"Filmmusik" (Gagarin Records / A-Musik, 1998)

"Jane B. ertrinkt mit den Pferden" (Diskono, 2000)

"Jetlag Disco" (A-Musik, 2001)

"The Tetchy Teenage Tapes of Felix Kubin 1981–1985" (A-Musik / Skipp, 2002)

"Matki Wandalki" (A-Musik, 2004)

"Suppe für die Nacht" with Coolhaven (Kormplastics, 2006)

"Music for theatre and radio play" (Dekorder, 2008)

"Echohaus" with ensemble Intégrales (Dekorder, 2010)

"Teenage Tapes" (Minimal Wave, 2012)

"TXRF" (it's, 2012)

"Zemsta Plutona" (Gagarin Records / ZickZack / Lado ABC / The Omni Recording Corp, 2013)

"Bakterien & Batterien" with Mitch & Mitch (Lado ABC / Gagarin Records, 2013

"Chromodioxidgedächtnis" (Gagarin Records, 2014)