- piano 


Marcin Masecki, born in Warsaw in 1982, pianist, composer, conductor, member, leader and participant of an astounding variety of projects. Winner of many awards Masecki is widely recognized as a leading figure in the polish independent music scene. Among others he lead the jazz sextet “Profesjonalizm”, directed the first edition of WOR (Warsaw Orchestra of Recreation) and is a member of the international band Paristetris. His latest project is POLONEZY, a 10-piece brass band which plays his set of newly composed polonaises.

Masecki's parallel passion is classical music which he performs in rather unorthodox ways (among others he choses to always use his own little cheapish upright piano thus questioning the everpresent paradigm of perfection and quality, detrimental - in his opinion - to the essence of the art). He feels classical music should be treated as a legitimate and fully integrated element of the modern musical landscape, and not just as a elitist museum piece.


"Mięso" (CD-R, 2007) 
"Bob" (Lado ABC, 2009) 

"John" (Lado ABC, 2010)
"Die Kunst Der Fuge" (Lado ABC. 2012)

"Polonezy" (Lado ABC, 2013)

"Scarlatti" (For Tune, 2013)

"El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido" (Bôłt Records, 2014)

"Mazurki" (For Tune, 2015)

"Beethoven: Ostatnie sonaty fortepianowe" (Lado ABC, 2015)

"Symfonia nr. 1 'Zwycięstwo'" with Słupca Voluntary Fire Department Brass Band (Turning Sounds, 2016)

"Chopin Nokturny" (Lado ABC, 2017)