Pawel Szamburski - clarinet 
Karol Masluszczak - piano 
Tomasz Bandyra - bass
Roman Slefarski - drums
Dj Lenar - turntables

Meritum was established by Paweł Szamburski in the summer of 2001. The first line-up featured Szamburski on clarinet, Tomasz Bandyra on electric bass, Patryk Zakrocki on electric guitar, and Rafał Listopad on drums. In the beginning, the band aimed at a combination of acoustic hip-hop and instrumental jazz, but the general concept soon started to evolve. As new inspiration and new ideas emerged, the music was becoming deeper and more complex. Ambition grew and skills improved so changes in the line-up were inevitable. The band welcomed Karol Maśluszczak on electric piano, DJ D-Art., and soon DJ Lenar. Eventually, Łukasz Moskal joined in on drums, adding highly dynamic rhythm and thus increasing the band's rhythmic potential.
In 2002, Meritum prepared their first material, consisting of a few mature compositions. The band performed in jazz clubs in Warsaw, at vernissages and Djazzpora improvised music concerts. In 2003, Meritum was asked to play at Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, but needed a replacement for Łukasz Moskal, the drummer, who was on tour at the time. That's when Roman Ślefarski came in, charming everyone with his personality and musical sensitivity. With Ślefarski on drums, Meritum has reached their final line-up. R.I.P.

"Meritum" (Lado ABC, 2004) 
"Single Live" (mini cd-r, 2005) 
"Szcz" (Lado ABC, 2006)