Candelaria Saenz Valiente - vocals & keys & other stuff 
Marcin Masecki - piano & wurlitzer & other stuff 
Macio Moretti - drums & bass & other stuff

Bartek Magneto - guitar & bass & other stuff

Robert Bęza - visuals

PARISTETRIS is a furniture salon in Siracuse, NY. It is also a foundation for asshole babies under the age of six months, (Fundacion des enfants terribles) located in Rue de Montparnasse 11, Paris. We have discovered as well, that Paristetris is a term that has been used with much regularity in Germany in the early 80's, when referring to a gay troubled man, because of its allusion to french car traffic. Later, this term was used by the German film director with tight pants in his famed movie. He cleverly misplaced the last word by a more american cowboyish one. After that, the term Paristetris lost its panache. It was used nonchalantly and irresponsibly: "I will paristetris myself into something more comfortable." We have refloated the term and acquired the rights by paying in cash. It is now with much gusto that we present to you the most meant to be band/brand complex: PARISTETRIS!

"Paristetris" (Lado ABC, 2009) 

"Honey Darlin'" (Lado ABC, 2010)