Adam Nastawski – drums

Marcin Piekoszewski – bass, vocal

Rafał Piekoszewski – guitar


Plum is the band set up in 1999 by two brothers Rafał and Marcin Piekoszewski. Together with the drummer Adam Nastawski they produce a pretty big dose of noise rock music. Their songs may recall classical noise rock bands like Jesus Lizard, Shellac or so, but on the other hand they have more experimental approach to the structures of songs. Most uncompromised and one of the loudest and coolest band in this part of Europe.



„Express…6” EP (Every Color, 1999)

“Out of Confusion” (Antena Krzyku / PostPost, 2000)

“Unrest” EP (European Records, 2004)

“Nothing Personal” (European Records, 2005)

“Sink Or Swim” EP (Gusstaff, 2005)

“Witness Of Your Fall” (Gusstaff, 2007)

“Hoax” (Lado ABC, 2011)

"Emergence" (Ampersand, 2012)