Total Gimel
CD - Lado B/17, 2012

Total Gimel - Alte Zachen

1. Gimel 222
2. Gimel 236
3. Gimel 111
4. Gimel 31
5. Gimel 82
6. Gimel 99
7. Gimel 91
8. Gimel 96
9. Gimel 170
10. Gimel 65
11. Gimel 64


Alte Zachen (Yiddish: old items) is a band consisting of leading musicians of the Polish alternative scene: Raphael Rogiński (guitar), Bartłomiej Tyciński (guitar), Macio Moretti (bass) and Ola Rzepka (drums). The group creates compositions in the eclectic style of Hasidic surf rock. Their songs are based on authentic, old-time Jewish music from Eastern Europe, but are arranged in a modern, electric style. Alte Zachen’s recordings are rather austere as the musicians aim for a dirty and ragged sound.

The latest album Total Gimel is a tribute to the religious surf culture, up to know observed by the band members only from the shore. The name of the group, taken from the slang of scrap metal scavengers, explains their idea for making music.  “Today we play music from the sixties which was present in our culture 150 years ago and its roots go back 5000 years…”

The cover of the album was designed by Zev Engelmayer, an Israeli illustrator whose controversial drawings were already a topic of a debate in the Knesset and inspired the people of Tel Aviv to kiss in the streets.