Book of Dreams
CD - Lado A/19, 2017

1. Sign

2. Pops Pops Pops

3. Some sort of skin

4. Wake up in a dream

5. The doors are open

6. Sunny money

7. Satisfaction

8. Devil inside

9. Catgun

10. No skin nothing



Lost Education "Book of Dreams" - an album based on William S. Burroughs's last novel "My education: A Book of Dreams". Paweł Szamburski, Patryk Zakrocki and Hania Piosik - Warsaw based musicians with close ties to the Lado ABC label and association - created unique sonic universe inspired by Burroughs' work. Following the writer’s method, they use cut-up narration, non linear subconscious pulse and vibe which result in complex compositions and live improvisation. The artists play clarinets, viola, mbira, electronica, beatbox, loops and vocals, trying to get into a dream-like mood with all its dynamics and changes, with all emotional twists and blurred but visible deeper sense.