Eat Your Coney Island
CD - Lado B/15, 2012

Eat Your Coney Island - Pictorial Candi


1. Time To Go Back Home
2. Paulos Raptis
3. Ode To Plethora
4. Check My Computer
5. Putzi & Maureen
6. Explode A Little Bit Into My Arms
7. Haunting Carabel
8. Trombone Opus nr. 1


"Eat your Coney Island" is the debut album of Pictorial Candi (aka Candelaria Saenz Valiente), an argentinian musician and writer living in Warsaw. She is the lead vocalist in Paristetris, a Warsaw based band who's music was recently associated to Mr. Bungle and japanese punk/rock. She is the author of the novel "El Infierno de Orfeo Blaumont", published in Buenos Aires by Simurg, 2007, and a book of short fiction: "Huésped Huésped", published by Acuático, Tren en Movimiento, 2010.

Currently she is the Literary Director of Acuático, an Argentinian publisher.

Album musicians: Jerzy Rogiewicz, Piotr Zabrodzki, Adam Byczkowski, Tom Pop, Kuba Ziołek, Piotr Wróbel, Marcin Masecki and Eddie Stevens.

Recorded by Adam Toczko (3, 4), Nicolas de la Vega (track 1, 2, 7), Bartłomiej Chmara (track 6), Maciej Cieślak (track 5, 8) and P. Candi (track 6)

Mixed by Piotr Zabrodzki (all tracks except for track 6 by P. Candi)

Mastered by Piotr Nykiel

 Live band (Pictorial Candi with the Orange Peel): P.C. with Ola Rzepka, Marcin Masecki, Adam Byczkowski + guests.

For the live shows the band will use the EBERTONIUM CANDELARIA or EBERTONIUM CANDIDUS.

EBERTONIUM CANDIDUS is an analogue polyphonic instrument which emits sounds directly from light bulbs. It was conceived by Candelaria Saenz Valiente and fabricated by expert inventor Tomasz Ebert. Both Ebert and Candelaria designed the looks of the first model in early 2012.

E.C. is a low frequency sounding furniture with light bulbs that can be pitch bended by knobs that alter the intensity of the energy sent to each bulb. The attack is gentle as a Solina String Ensemble and it's potential power is health threatening as it includes four powerful subwoofers. If used delicately it has a crunchy, crepitant and soothing texture full of harmonics and delightful scratching noises (random frequency waves) which make this instrument a hypnotic pleasure to listen to