„Wszystko jutro” by New Cage is a forth album in our label this year. The duo of Bartek Tyciński and Joanna Halszka Sokołowska had converted Johnny Cash’s songs into a new musical entity enriched by their own compositions.


You can already buy this album in our store and see first New Cage’s gig live on 10th of June in Ladom (Jazdów 7/14, Warsaw)!


maj 2017 lado


Along with many concerts – this week had brought us two amazing videoclips:


Lost Education's “some sort of skin” directed by Paweł Czarkowski (Movlab)…


… and one for "Chopins’s Nocturnes" interpreted by Marcin Masecki created by Kobas Laksa.


The video was filmed in Lutosławski Concert Studio.


Big THANK YOU to our concert audiences and the creators of the clips above!

27/03/2017 / Mitchez are back!

Mitch & Mitch set off to a journey to Brasil to find themselves (again) which results with „Visitantes Nordestinos” - a soon-to-be legendary album recorded with (already) legendary brasilian producer and musician – Kassin.


The album awaits in store and the tour dates are being announced on Mitchez facebook profile!


Marcin Masecki plays Chopin with his unique sensibility, adding a personal touch even to album’s cover. Check it out in our store and on Tidal!


For a good beginning of the year - we present you Lost Education's "Book of Dreams" -
an album based on William S. Burroughs's last novel "My education: A Book of Dreams", musically interpreted by SzaZa duo and Hania Piosik.
The album is already available in our online store and on band's Bandcamp.
And only there...


The official launch gig was planned for 28th of March in PROM Kultury Saska Kępa in Warsaw!


Listen now on Youtube: 


There's a new album in our catalogue. We're talking about Duży Jack's "Uczucia" CD here.

You can buy it here here heeeeeere.

And taste it below.


The second debut release is already packed and issued: Lomi Lomi’s Heroizm Woli (The Heroism of Will). A band set up by Piotr Domagalski of Levity and Profesjonalizm secretly conceived and produced an album. The thing is a masterpiece in DIYism: the cover is hand-glued (after being machine-embroidered), stamped and so on. A true heroism of will. The geomusical parameters you will have to figure out yourselves, but we’re hooked. Buy the record here, and check out the so-called single below.


23/06/2015 / SUMMEL LADIO

The first of three upcoming summer releases. June 28th will see Masecki's enigmatically titled "Beethoven: The three last piano sonatas", but in polish, so "Beethoven: Ostatnie sonaty fortepianowe". To be preordered immediately in our shop, beautifully packaged in Tymek Jezierski's design. Below notice the teaser, shortly more info about everything else. 


Regarding the new baby in the family - Zbigniew Wodecki's album with Mitch & Mitch – you can already pre-order it here. We will start shipping it the day before premiere. Greetings Earthlings!


What can one say? It's happening. Release date is May the 15th. More later, as we gotta chill out a bit.


Tu put it shortly:




We promised to give you the new year news in the old year but it didn’t work. Plans are aplenty but we need to meet a few times more to discuss them, and then we’ll give you the precise dates. However, releases are looming from such artists as: Marcin Masecki, Baaba, Pictorial Candi, Starzy Singers, Zbigniew Wodecki with Mitch & Mitch, and – lastly but firstly, really – Wovoka, whose Sevastopolis premieres on February 1st. The pre-release copies will be available at live shows (see live shows), and we’ll soon launch the pre-order thingie. In other news, our Youtube channel has picked up speed, so much that we’re kind of in shock. Click it and subscribe it.

Oh, and the Instagram. Do the same with that.



16/12/2014 / THE LAST DEAL

Attention! Our last item this year is the wonderful trio Lotto: Paweł Szpura, Mike Majkowski and Łukasz Rychlicki. Drums, double-bass and electric guitar. Instrumental music, improvised and then arranged a bit. The first reviews here and here, and all those of little faith (or no skills in Polish language) can visit our store and see for themselves. Vinyl only. And just to keep things civilized, we’ll return at the end of the year with the wishes and to tell you what’s brewing, because things ARE being brewed.


18/11/2014 / BAAAAAAABA!!!

The new record by the mighty Baaba entitled "EasterChristmas" is now officially greeting all Earthlings. December will see the band touring all over Poland (the vinyl will come Christmas time, fingers crossed). Meanwhile the CD's can be bought here, you can attend the record release party here, or experience the musical mastery directly at:


10/10/2014 / ALL AT ONCE

Semantik Punk are touring with Meshuggah, Cukunft is going to Turkey, Deerhof travels to Japan, the mixing of Zbigniew Wodecki with Mitch & Mitch as good as completed, our friend Olivier is putting out an album, Baaba are Pantone-printing their cover art, Szamburski is selling like hotcakes, Lotto are releasing a vinyl only. How should one swallow this oversized news meatball?

One ought to cut it in half.

So here are our debut releases for this fall:

1. Deerhoof "La Isla Bonita" (04.11)

2. Baaba "EasterChristmas" (18.11)

3. Olivier Heim "Olivier Heim" (25.11)

4. Lotto "Ask The Dust" (15.12),

and – weather permitting, which is not a sure thing, because nothing is a sure thing, although those previous things are sure things for sure –

5. Zbigniew Wodecki with Mitch & Mitch Orchestra and Choir "1976: A Space Odyssey"

For concerts, click on “concerts.”

Golden Polish Autumn. Milk and honey. Gentle rustling. Swamps.

A bitsie little news flash about our autumn plans, of which there are many. At this moment we will only say that one of them will be the release of Deerhoof's latest album for Eastern Europe. A CD, an LP, pre-order - everything. We're bursting with joy, and you can listen to the first single. Let it serve you for as long as you wish it to serve you.


The holiday news, as far as publishing this or that, is as follows:

1 / Der Father (or Joanna Halszka-Sokołowska, Daniel Pigoński and Jerzy Rogiewicz) have recorded a great album, which will come out in August. Kupicz mixed it, so there..

2 / Paweł Szamburski’s solo album? How we had to nag that little pumpkin to finally do it! But we nagged and he did. Or at least we’d like to believe we had some part in his glorious capitulation. Good old, and well-tested, ‘Supported by Lado’ series.

3 / Two LPs with music from our beloved Sao Paulo: Hab and m.Takara. This is ‘Supported by Lado’ in the bad new, and completely untested, version: hand-screen-printed covers and limited to 50 LPs of each.

4 / An LP reissue of a so-called bottom-shelf classic – Mitch & Mitch’s "12 Catchy Tunes (We Wish We Composed)". That’s mid-summer.

And as far as holiday news as far as live gigs, more precisely Lado in the City Festival, you just have to watch the enclosed video.

Kisses to y’all / ABC


Not so much to celebrate it, but still on the International Children’s Day Lado ABC will publish its first record for the youngest and the even youngester. And for their parents. And their parents’ parents. And for the pets. Jerz Igor “Mała płyta” (that’s “Small Record” in Polish). Jurek and Igorek collected money online and put out an album with a booklet spreading wider than an acordeon and featuring a stylistic range broader than Andre Agassi’s forehand swing. Chamberishly small on the one hand, and grand on the other. Lyrical and cheerful, but also lyrical and sad. And we could go on and on like this. Beautiful stuff. You can listen to the sample below, and the product itself will be available soon, when you click here.