Great news from abroad (in the broad sense) is that in the autumn our humble little circle will welcome none other than Felix Kubin. Here's the deal:

Firstly, Lado ABC will be one of three publishers of Felix' newest release entitled "Zemsta Plutona". During a secret meeting in Thessaloniki the planet was divided thusly: Gagarin Records & ZickZack took over Western Europe, Lado ABC took the east and The Omni Recording Corporation seized the rest. The agreement stipulates that we put out the CD and a limited edition of the double LP (123 pieces). All this on November 1st, so be on the look-out for all the pre-ordering and such.

Secondly, on December 1st, Felix will appear again, this time together with Mitch & Mitch. Their joint release is being mixed as we speak by the legendary (here and there) producer Tobias Levin. Pre-ordering and such here as well. But that's not all the autumn news.

Stay tuned. For ever.

As usual a few quick news bits. Lado in the City was nice for us and hopefully for you as well. Big thanks to Borek and Powiększenie for organizing the chaos. But now we have ourselves a new school year and things are as follows:

Marcin Masecki is flying to Tokyo for two gigs; Mitch & Mitch are starting to record their album with Felix Kubin; Baaba is working on a new material with the new drummer Janek (plus, the leader is becoming a father again); Pictorial Candi is working on the flavours for the new EP; and many more, including the fact that autumn has arrived, so we'll tell you very soon what plans we have for this beautiful season.


Quoting Powiększenie:

LADO W MIEŚCIE 2013 (LADO IN THE CITY 2013) is yet another edition of the unique holiday concert series that offers a subjective cross-section of what is fresh and interesting on the so-called independent scene in Poland and around. We’ll see young but already very good bands, which we think are worth supporting and promoting, some new blood and also a few guests from abroad.

Several projects will have their premiere during our festival, and it may be the only chance to see them. Just like last year, LADO W MIEŚCIE 2013 will take place in Warsaw at Barka – the summer stage of Powiększenie/Plan B, ever so gracefully floating on our dearest Vistula.



vol.1 18.07: KiRk | Mikrokolektyw

vol.2 25.07: Die!Die!Die! (NZ) | Duży Jack

vol.3 1.08: Wovoka ("Trees Against The Sky" release party) | Der Father

vol.4 8.08: Saigon (SE) | Futoma Ensemble

vol.5 9.08: Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation (NL)

vol.6 15.08: mmpsuf (LT) | Enchanted Hunters

vol.7 22.08: BUM! (Macio Moretti/Barbara Morgenstern) | Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets

vol.8 30.08: Warszawska Orkiestra Rozrywkowa im. Igora Krenza plays Beck's „Song Reader”


Free entrance to all shows.

Check it!



A beautiful record has been released. This time, we only waited a year, so we’re all in shock. You can, even should, order it here. And the best thing is that it’s not the last bit of news from Raphael this summer as August 1st will see the debut of Wovoka (with Mewa Chabiera, Ola Rzepka and Paweł Szpura). So that’s how things work – either silence or an avalanche. In Mosad, they call that “Goldberg’s tactic.” 

One day after Wovoka’s release, we’ll put out a record by Hokei (Piotr Bukowski of Stwory, Igor Nikiforow of uhm… you know.. Stwory, Kuba Ziołek and Tom Pop of Ed Wood and other Bydgoszcz-based – go ahead, say it out loud: Bydgoszcz-based – psychogroups). First only on vinyl (the test press, we hear, sounds like Satan himself) and online. The CD will be out after the summer holidays. 

Lastly but not leastly, on July 18th we’re starting the next edition of our Lado w Mieście (Lado in the City) festival. Again in Warsaw. Again at Barka. Several premiere shows are in the line-up. We’ll hook you up with details shortly. 

And now you can go back to your sea or your lake or whatever water basin you’re spending your let’s-spend-some-time-at-some-water-basin time at. 

 PS. The cover photo was taken by Paweł Ryżko – the guy who drew the flowers depicted on the cover.



Behold our two new releases on display inside Małgorzata Sarbak's harpsichord. The one on the left contains one CD of music, the one on the right - three CDs of music. The one on the left is the shock of the future, the one on the right is the shock of the past. The one on the left can be purchased by clicking here, to buy the one on the right you must click here. Both are perfect, for which we have all the appropriate certificates, issued by us and by that guy from that TV show.

Marcin Masecki’s new CD “Polonezy” premieres today. We published it in partnership with the National Audiovisual Institute and we are very happy it’s out. You could even say, if you were so inclined, that it heralds the arrival of a new era of the polonaise (that’s in French). For those who don’t know yet what it’s all about, below is a litte teaser, and if you click here you can buy the CD.



20/04/2013 / RECORD STORE DAY 13


Today at Record Store Day!

(The name is more than appropriate in Warsaw where there is only one record store.)

First, this is the day that Baaba’s, Gaba’s and Michał’s single makes its debut. Right there, at Record Store Day, in the courtyard on Chmielna 51. Starting today, though, you can also order it from our online store. You probably even should. Secondly, this is the day of live gigs by Baaba (2 p.m.), Coldair (3 p.m.) and Masecki (4 p.m.), and in the evening, at Powiększenie, LXMP will share the stage with The Kurws. So that’s the Record Store Day stuff.

Then there are the planned debut releases of:

-Marcin Masecki "Polonezy"

--Małgorzata Sarbak "Bach Partitas"

---LXMP "Back To The Future Shock" (also on LP)

----Ed Wood "Post-Mortem Lovers"

-----Wovoka "Trees Against The Sky"

And others later.

May everything that’s good abound for you.

PS. Apart from that, small changes on our website. Most importantly, the killer player is no more. Instead, you can go to ‘audio’ and listen to a soundcloud mix.

08/01/2013 / FRST!!!!!!!!!!!

Some beautiful news to start off this happy new year. We are launching a new branch, which means that after Lado A, Lado B, Lado C,Lado D and Supported by Lado we will have Lado 7 - a series of 7-inch vinyls. And we begin with a wonderful musical souvenir (that’s in French) that is the collaboration between Baaba, Gabriela Kulka and Michał Skrok. The record includes mostly forgotten or nearly unknown jewels from the real-socialism era. True Polish quality. The electronic version is already available online – just click here and you can buy it. The vinyls will be out around March, but don’t jinx it.
More news soon.

30/12/2012 / 2012 UNDER OUR BELT

As usual, some sort of an album summary is called for.

Being an apocalypse year and everything, 2012 brought the following releases:

1. BAABA "The Wrong Vampire" buy here

2. PICTORIAL CANDI "Eat Your Coney Island" buy here

3. PAULA & KAROL "Whole Again" buy here

4. ALTE ZACHEN "Total Gimel" buy here

5. MARCIN MASECKI "Die Kunst der Fuge" buy here

6. LXMP WITH CHAD POPPLE "The Lost Tuba" buy here

7. LXMP WITH KAZUHISA UCHIHASHI "Broken Strings" buy here

8. BABADAG "Babadag" buy here

9. SEMANTIK PUNK "abcdefghijklmnoprstuwxyz" buy here

And in the new year we’ll no longer idle about, and can already promise the following from our winter/spring collection:
1. BAABA i GABRIELA / BAABA i MICHAŁ 7' (with this, we are launching our series of Lado 7-inches)
2. CUKUNFT "Wilde Blumen" 
3. ED WOOD "Post-Mortem Lovers" 
4. COLDAIR "Whose Blood"
5. LXMP "Back To The Future Shock"
6. MARCIN MASECKI "Polonezy"

And, of course, five hundred other ideas, but we don’t know if we can squeeze them all in.
Have a good night and an even better year!

14/11/2012 / YEAR'S END

As you can see, we remain loyal to our near-quarterly approach to instant news reporting.

We’re ashamed to admit that we failed to admit to taking part in two cool events:

a) the LADO ABC showcase featured at the annual CJG Music Fair in Warsaw. Four Lado bands performed (Efekt Moozgu, Ed Wood, Pictorial Candi, Babadag) plus a special guest from Germany (Felix Kubin).

b) LADO ABC’s participation in and co-production of the Jazz & Experimental Music From Poland festival in London, where audiences were treated to concerts by Marcin Masecki, Hubert Zemler, Levity, Paristetris, and to a specially commissioned piece by Janek Duszyński.

But we will admit to two pre-New-Year album premieres:

a) Babadag - Ola Bilińska’s collaboration with Szymon Tarkowski, Hubert Zemler and Maciek Cieślak – available in good and bad music stores as of December 15.

b) semantik punk – a Warsaw band which recorded its debut album "abcdefghijklmnoprstuwxyz" in Los Angeles under the watchful eyes and hearful ears of one Ross Robinson. Available in good and bad music stores as of December 27. 

Both records will be up for pre-sale in our online shop in a little while.

Apart from that: lots of plans, very little time, no real headquarters to operate from, but at least the bottles are refundable.

03/09/2012 / DIE KUNST DER FUGE

Today is a premiere of Marcin Masecki's "Die Kunst der Fuge". All the people of the world write about Masecki's Bach, the dictaphone and all the other stuff, so we shut our mouths up and just tell that you can buy the album in our online store and read about it here.

02/08/2012 / STORE / IMPROVEMENT

For all of you out there and for all of us out here, we have improved our online store. Namely, you no longer have to log in to shop. You enter, you order, you pay, and then you wait until it arrives. The only difference is that if you do decide to register and then log in, you will have all your data kept for good. You will see your entire purchase history. Plus, if you really really want it, you will receive some news from time to time.
The choice is yours, Jimmy. Or is it Timmy?

We know everything and it starts quite soon, so here we goooo:


12.07 Ścianka / Michał Biela solo
19.07 SzaZaZe plays Themerson / Pictorial Candi
26.07 Coldair / Woody Alien
02.08 The Kurws / Alte Zachen*
09.08 Jozef Van Wissem / Father Murphy
16.08 Hokei / Jacek Sienkiewicz
23.08 Piętnastka / Szuszkiewicz i Muzycy
30.08 Jacaszek / Alameda Trio

06.09 Marcin Masecki** / LXMP with Chad Popple & Kazuhisa Uchihashi***


* "Total Gimel" release party

** "Die Kunst Der Fuge" release party

*** "The Lost Tuba" and "Broken Strings"release party


Location: Bar Ka (Wisła, next to construction works of subway station Powiśle) / Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 31/33 / Warszawa / in case the weather sucks, concerts will take place at Powiększenie (Nowy Świat 27)
All concerts start 9PM.

Admission free.


Greets / see you.

The first single (?) from the upcoming Alte Zachen album:



And soon we'll tell you about our Lado w Mieście festival.

Alte Zachen, Rogiński / Tyciński / Moretti / Rzepka quartet, has just recorded their debut album. It is being mixed as we speak, and at the same time the cover art is being designed somewhere in the east by our friend Zev Engelmayer. The album is entitled "Total Gimel" and will premiere at the Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow on July 4.
Apart from that, we expect the recording session of Hokei, the joint forces of Stwory and Ed Wood, to take place soon, and the mixing of Wovoka is almost over.
So much stuff...

Hello, you.nowe2012

We’ve been away for a while, but now we plan to be here at least once a week, even when nothing happens. Just like that.

First of all, we have not yet revealed what everybody knows anyway, namely that Paula i Karol have published their new album. It’s called “Whole Again” and has been on the market for quite some time. Paula even says she saw it in a kiosk at Okęcie airport! Robert Bęza made a video for the first single, and reviews are starting to appear in the press. This is what we call the spring, maaan.

And we have other plans. On June 1, we are putting out LXMP with Chad Popple of Gorge Trio. This will be the first in a series of four records of LXMP in a trio mode. The second installment will come on September 1 and will feature Kazuhisa Uchihashi. September will also see the premiere of Marcin Masecki’s “Die Kunst der Fuge” (that’s Bach). But it will come out! It will!

And concerts? Paula i Karol are travelling the world as usual. They recently visited Great Britain. Baaba and LXMP came back from the US. Kristen and Ed Wood are just about to go Primavera, and Plum have started a tour.

Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

Release party of Pictorial Candi's debut album will take place at Cafe Kulturalna in Warsaw on 16th of May (10PM). Feel invited. And in the meantime, check one of the tunes HERE.

Baaba The Wrong Vampire

As the spring inevitably approaches, so does our first 2012 crop.
Which leads us to the following statement:
On March 16th, Baaba will premiere its new album entitled
"The Wrong Vampire", recorded with the help of Natalia Przybysz
and Małgorzata Sarbak. As all those who know already know full
well, it will be a concept album worthy of the achievements of such
greats as The Flosstones or Orban Ketōzs. It will feature the band's
unique take on Christopher Komeda's original soundtrack
for the film "The Fearless Vampire Killers".
It is also worth mentioning that the cover art was supplied by the
amazingly talented Dawid Ryski, a man of boundless imagination
and a surgical way with pencils, currently residing in Puławy.
Here is a single from the album.
Stay tuned for information about our next new release.

Due to a temporary reorganization of our stock we know close to nothing, but we do remember that we finished 2011 with a 6:0 win, which means that the following players scored:
PLUM "Hoax"
PROFESJONALIZM "Chopin Chopin Chopin"
EFEKT MOOZGU "Slumberjackin'"
KRISTEN "An Accident"
LEVITY "Afternoon Delights"
We kind of thought there were fewer of those.
As for 2012, we only know that the first half of the year will see new releases: Marcin Masecki’s dictaphone take on Bach’s The Art of The Fugue; Baaba’s Komeda tunes with Natalia Przybysz and Gosia Sarbak; Candelaria Saenz Valiente’s solo album; and a brand new record by Paula i Karol (their second). All that is for sure, and then there are those things that are slightly less for sure. The dates of all the new releases will be published once we’ve gotten our house in order.