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Cukunft are veterans of the young Jewish scene in Poland, the crazed architects of the contemporary Jewish movement among Polish avant-garde musicians. It is difficult to imagine the contemporary Polish Jewish scene without Cukunft’s creative presence. The guiding spirit behind the group is Raphael Roginski – a charismatic and extraordinarily creative musician from the Warsaw music scene. Cukunft (which means “future” in Yiddish) is a musical project whose main aim is to continue the traditions of East European Jewish music with all its richness and multiple strains. Cukunft desire to play Jewish music the way it could have sounded if there had not been such a dramatic interruption in the culture and history of the Jews in Poland. In their dynamic, dancelike but melancholy compositions, they manage to make contact with the life essence captured within the Chassidic nigunim. Cukunft’s repertoire is created spontaneously but is shored up at the same time by penetrating musicological research. The musicians recreate and interpret archive compositions, while composing new ones. And do this in a lively spirit and within a multi-faceted musical tradition.


Raphael Rogiński / guitar

Pawel Szamburski / clarinet

Michał Górczyński / clarinet

Paweł Szpura / drums



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