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Efekt Moozgu

Efekt Moozgu

Efekt Moozgu is an uncontrollable creation formed from the crash of two hell-rising personas – Piotr Zabrodzki (known to all and sundry from the projects such as Baaba, Baaba Kulka, Blast Muzungu, LXMP…) and Patryk Dąbrowski (not known to all, although a co-founder of the following bands: Rest In Pieces, Hiny Nieupadłe, Leyce Skonektiket). Their stuff is an abstract mixture of everything which is musical and wild in a person. It is the manifestation of two extremes of the human nature. The union of the sacred and the profane.


Piotr Zabrodzki / sounds

Patryk Dąbrowski / voice(s)





Efekt Moozgu

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