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Somewhere in the middle of the road from Warsaw to Bydgoszcz, while striving to see a piece of a pure landscape, we told ourselves that the music must be played. The remains of stress that we still try to defeat, distract our vision. Simple and notorious ADHD of new possibilities. Emotional void that makes us react with generational hypertension. The margin… and when it breaks it will rip in a million small threads. All we will be left is a discipline. Hokei is a Japanese martial art, the school of remembering and repeating… of what used to be into something that exists now. Hokei is a musical ensemble that tries to stick to these rules at any price. You sew the devil – my grandma said to me when I was nervously shaking my leg under the table. I’ve always been waiting for her to say that.


Piotr Bukowski / guitar

Igor Nikiforow / drums, vocal, synths

Tomek Popowski / drums

Kuba Ziołek / vocal, bass, synths






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