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Horny Trees

Established in 2007, Horny Trees is a team of outstanding rangers, caretakers and explorers of the auditory wilderness. During their expeditions, they come across countless types of trees. Some of them they hold dear, some they honor and respect, others are quite simply cut down with little or no remorse. Bielawski, Zemler and Szamburski use real wooden instruments to penetrate the sylvan bedding in search of young, unique and lively shoots. It is the energetic, lustful and extremely horny trees that are the subject of the group's fascination. The rangers nourish them, ensure their healthy growth and - most importantly - do it with due dignity, passion and love (which they also have for other layers of the forest, with some small exceptions perhaps). April of 2007 saw the premiere of the group's debut album, their first rough notes, first attempts at diagnosing and describing those outstanding shoots that have so rapidly spread across the entire lodge. These inflorescences are by all means worth your udivided attention.


Pawel Szamburski / wooden (ebony grenadil) clarinet and plastic electronic toys 

Maciej Bielawski / wooden (maple, nutwood, bubinga and ebony) bass triguitar 

Hubert Zemler / wooden drums and percussion made of maple-tree 




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