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Since early spring of 2012 Jan Młynarski and Joanna Duda have together formed the duo J=J. In their studio in October of 2012, they recorded the material that was to become their debut album, titled 2013EP. In 2014 J=J joined Skalpel - the famous Polish trip-hop group that has been publishing their records under Ninja Tune label since 2000. The experience of time spent together during the tour and on the stage forced J=J to push their musical limit further and record a new album. After two recording sessions album "Love" grew up with fresh power, contemporary jazz improvisations, hiphop/juke base and "electronic  - Warp - like" beats. The instrumental set used by artists on the album is mostly the same as on their first EP;  however compositions are less improvised, more closed and essential forms, with many precise layers inside, what makes the album "Love" more massive and extensive, but still airy and spacefull.


Joanna Duda / synths, piano, wurlitzer

Jan Młynarski / drums






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