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M. Takara

M. Takara

Maurício Takara is the drummer of the bands Hurtmold and São Paulo Underground. In 2004 he began his solo carrer alongside other musicians under the name M. TAKARA. He released his 6th solo album in 2014, named Puro Osso, the 5th album released by the label Desmonta. Puro osso is a summary of compositions that he has been performing over the last four years, prior to the release of the album "Sobre todas e qualquer coisa" (2010). These are remnants of recordings that were released sporadically, containing the unusual instrumentation that are part of his live performances, such as drums, cavaquinho, baglama, voices, sequencers and samplers. This aspect is also present in his other project entitled Mundo Tigre.


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Puro Osso

M. Takara


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