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MALEDIWY a duet consisting of Marek Pospieszalski and Qba Janicki, versatile improvisers descending from environments of longstanding musical traditions.

After years of working together on stage with bands such as Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet, Tirvyous Wagon, Power of the Horns or Hot God as we as participating in multiple projects with artists from all over the world, including Roscoe Mitchell, Toshinori Kondo, Marco Eneidi or Dennis Gonzales, Pospieszalski and Janicki synchronised in their existence and the two are setting off on tour.
The duo’s first album entitled “Afroaleatoryzm” was released at the turn of autumn and winter 2018 on LADO ABC label. Fusion of two words indicates a loose link with African music and all its consequences while applying a composing technique based on the work of chance. The title is a paraphrase of the expression “aleatoric funk” used by trumpeter Andrzej Przybielski.
During encounters with Malediwy you can witness the cult of everything alive and organic, expressed through instruments. Musicians create a self-propelling mechanism that evokes images of many places that provoke exotic journeys. This is music for moments that have been or will be.


Qba Janicki / drums, percussion, electronics, technique and beyond

Marek Pospieszalski / tenor saxophone, mustache, love





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