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Paula i Karol

Paula i Karol

Inspired by Canadian kitchen parties, acoustic instrumentations, and music collectives while growing up in North Bay, and later Guelph, Ontario, Paula moved to Warsaw to study and a few years later met Karol. Together they’ve been creating folky-pop soundtracks to bike in the streets rather than to roll-in-the-hay to. Their honest lyrics and create truly pop narratives - capturing moments and relationships entangled in love, life, growth, and loss.


Karol Strzemieczny / guitar, vocal 

Paula Bialski / violin, glockenspiel, vocal

Szymon Najder / electric guitar

Staszek Wróbel / drums, melodica, backing vocals

Christoph Thun / percussion, keys

Krzysiek Pożarowski / bass, melodica, backing vocals



Whole Again

Paula i Karol


Paula i Karol

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