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PROFESJONALIZM is the name of Marcin Masecki's new sextet. Led from the piano it features a classic jazz line up: trumpet, two saxophones/clarinets and rhythm section. Masecki, an established figure of the Warsaw avantgarde, here returns to his more traditional roots and takes a characteristically distorted view on jazz from the 40s and 50s.
The compositions were actually comissioned by DSK (Warsaw's central district Culture Centre) for their annual ArtPark Festival, and were first performed during the 2010 edition. Shortly after the band entered Maciej Cieślak's fully analogue studio and recorded the material on 1940's equipment resulting in a World-War-II-broadcast type of sound, which in turn resulted in the utmost joy of all participants.
Their first album "Chopin Chopin Chopin" was released in September of 2011 on the independent label Lado ABC, for which Masecki has been recording since 2005. It's worth noting that this is the first project where we hear Masecki as a leader and composer. All previous projects were more or less based on improvisation or group composing.


Pan Marcin Karol Masecki / piano, composer

Pan Kamil Stanisław Szuszkiewicz / trumpet

Pan Michał Wit Górczyński / clarinet, saxophone

Pan Tomasz Przemysław Duda / saxophone

Pan Piotr Wojciech Domagalski / double bass

Pan Jerzy Andrzej Rogiewicz / drums


Chopin Chopin Chopin


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