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We are Slalom. We come from Masovia.

Slalom - group founded by Bartosz Weber (Baaba, Mitch & Mitch) & Bartłomiej Tyciński (Mitch & Mitch, Starzy Singers, Paristetris, Alte Zachen) after a few years of their cooperation as a DJ team at their trademark CockTail Parties – musical soirees presenting lounge music, film score classics and the finest from electronica pioneers. Their shared interest in synthesizers and live sampling techniques combined with love for slide guitar gave birth to an interesting mixture of merry psychedelia rooted in improv, krautrock, country and 1990s alternative music. In July 2013 Slalom recorded their debut album due to be published in November 2013 by the mighty Lado ABC Recording Company.

The band is complemented by Hubert Zemler, a drummer extraordinaire due to his flawless technique and social refinement. Bronze medallist of the Delphic Olympic Games in Seoul. Seems a perfect match, doesn't it?


Bartłomiej Tyciński / guitar, synth

Bartosz Weber / sampler, looper, laptop, synth

Hubert Zemler / drums, percussion







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