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SzaZa’s music is a unique blending of seemingly opposite extremes – of noise and silence, pop and conteporary chamber, beauty and ugliness, of sophisticated wisdom and pure, naive thoughtlessness. Using clarinets, a violin, analogue loopstations and subtle effects, the musicians seek to unite those extremes, attempting to free both the stage and the audience from the bonds of rules and cultural givens. Their concerts will often take a form of a grotesque, dark play, a performance, sometimes a deep musical statement, but always in interaction with the audience. It is their stage presence itself that becomes important, allowing the listeners to observe the creative act in its sincere and true form, unbound by the convention of a concert, liberated.


Paweł Szamburski / clarinet, mandolin, loop station, voice

Patryk Zakrocki / mbira, violin, loop station, moog


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