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Veda Sound

Lado ABC is presenting Veda Sound, completely new project which was heard for the first time live in 2017, during bands residency in Ladom.

Masterminds behind this project are, Bartłomiej Tyciński; musician, multi instrumentalist, co-creator of Lado Cultural Association and some of the iconic bands, like Mitch & Mitch, Starzy Singers, artist who worked with Felix Kubin and Zbigniew Wodecki. He also plays in Slalom, Alte Zachen, Starzy Sida and lately released and album with classics by Johnny Cash etc.. As a guitars and composer he recorded many albums, and also wrote scores for movies and theater plays. Secondly, Piotr Zabrodzki. Classically trained pianist, a former student in Chopin Warsaw Music Academy. He’s well known from mixing all kinds of genres, heavy metal with electronic music, jazz and sonorism but all of that with great sense of humor. He’s known from being a member of bands, like LXMP, 60 minut projekt, Efekt Moozgu etc.. Piotr worked in various combinations with some of worlds most known independent artists, like Yoshida Tatsuya, Zdzisław Piernik, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Ove Volquartz, Tabata Mitsura and many others.


Bartłomiej Tyciński / sitar guitar / fx / formanta uds synth

Piotr Zabrodzki / tanpura / synths / fx / piano / organ




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