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Złota Jesień

Złota Jesień

Jazz gang from the underground, drones, noise and everything you desire. New entry in the Lado catalog. Welcome!

If Morton Feldman, japanese New Wave from the '80s, Linkin Park, american garage punk, music conrete, Sonic Youth is your thing and more likely to be seen in a one band, well, Złota Jesień is that band. It can be heard from them "we still can't play and rather play drones, than sophisticated chord progressions", but how can we believe them, especially when something beautiful as this has been recorded.


Miłosz Cirocki / vocals

Mikołaj Kołaczek / drums

Kuba Anatol Malinowski / guitar

Ada Lizardziuk / bass

Jakub Lemiszewski / pan pipes

Maciek Sławski / loops





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