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Deerhoof / LXMP
EP – Lado 7/2


Deerhoof / LXMP split

Deerhoof, LXMP


Side A

Deerhoof – Kuma Kita

Side B

LXMP – Deron


The story is this: LXMP named their composition “Deron” as a tribute to Deron Pulley, the sound engineer of Deerhoof. Initially, the piece was to be published as part of the split album with the band The Kurws, but they are lame and lazy. After that, it was to be part of an LXMP SP, but LXMP are lazy and lame. Then we thought about finding a band with a song named “Pulley” to complete this complex puzzle, but the band we contacted never wrote back. Then there was an idea that Deron should revive his own band. Finally, it turned out that Deerhoof have a beautiful tune up their sleeve, which perfectly fits a split record with LXMP. So there you have it.



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