Hello, you.nowe2012

We’ve been away for a while, but now we plan to be here at least once a week, even when nothing happens. Just like that.

First of all, we have not yet revealed what everybody knows anyway, namely that Paula i Karol have published their new album. It’s called “Whole Again” and has been on the market for quite some time. Paula even says she saw it in a kiosk at Okęcie airport! Robert Bęza made a video for the first single, and reviews are starting to appear in the press. This is what we call the spring, maaan.

And we have other plans. On June 1, we are putting out LXMP with Chad Popple of Gorge Trio. This will be the first in a series of four records of LXMP in a trio mode. The second installment will come on September 1 and will feature Kazuhisa Uchihashi. September will also see the premiere of Marcin Masecki’s “Die Kunst der Fuge” (that’s Bach). But it will come out! It will!

And concerts? Paula i Karol are travelling the world as usual. They recently visited Great Britain. Baaba and LXMP came back from the US. Kristen and Ed Wood are just about to go Primavera, and Plum have started a tour.

Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

Release party of Pictorial Candi's debut album will take place at Cafe Kulturalna in Warsaw on 16th of May (10PM). Feel invited. And in the meantime, check one of the tunes HERE.

Baaba The Wrong Vampire

As the spring inevitably approaches, so does our first 2012 crop.
Which leads us to the following statement:
On March 16th, Baaba will premiere its new album entitled
"The Wrong Vampire", recorded with the help of Natalia Przybysz
and Małgorzata Sarbak. As all those who know already know full
well, it will be a concept album worthy of the achievements of such
greats as The Flosstones or Orban Ketōzs. It will feature the band's
unique take on Christopher Komeda's original soundtrack
for the film "The Fearless Vampire Killers".
It is also worth mentioning that the cover art was supplied by the
amazingly talented Dawid Ryski, a man of boundless imagination
and a surgical way with pencils, currently residing in Puławy.
Here is a single from the album.
Stay tuned for information about our next new release.

Due to a temporary reorganization of our stock we know close to nothing, but we do remember that we finished 2011 with a 6:0 win, which means that the following players scored:
PLUM "Hoax"
PROFESJONALIZM "Chopin Chopin Chopin"
EFEKT MOOZGU "Slumberjackin'"
KRISTEN "An Accident"
LEVITY "Afternoon Delights"
We kind of thought there were fewer of those.
As for 2012, we only know that the first half of the year will see new releases: Marcin Masecki’s dictaphone take on Bach’s The Art of The Fugue; Baaba’s Komeda tunes with Natalia Przybysz and Gosia Sarbak; Candelaria Saenz Valiente’s solo album; and a brand new record by Paula i Karol (their second). All that is for sure, and then there are those things that are slightly less for sure. The dates of all the new releases will be published once we’ve gotten our house in order.

We have kept up our tradition of not saying much,

which is shameful really. So without further ado:

A) June 1 will see two debuts:

PROFESJONALIZM "Chopin Chopin Chopin"

Marcin Masecki's weirdojazzish sextet

EFEKT MOOZGU "Slumberjackin'"

the totalfuckingdestructionish duet of Zabrodzki and Dabrowski

Both available at our online store starting June 1, and in shops

a little while later.

B) Vinyls! Lanquidity Records published two records with us:

BAABA "Disco Externo"

12' + 7' with remixes by Max Tundra and Greg Saunier of Deerhoof


"XXII Century Sound Pioneers"

12' and 7' or 1.5 LP

Available at out store, probably also from June 1.

For more news, click on the 'blog' link on your left and that will magically transport you to our facebook page. A bunch of live shows coming up. Paula & Karol took off to see some Europe, as did Paristetris. SzaZa will probably soon take off to see some World.

Even the Mitchz are rumoured to be planning appearances in Prague and Sziget.
Stuff's happening.

Short, but essential. The official release date of "Hoax", the new album by Plum is scheduled for the 15th of March. It contains ten lovelynoisy tunes, some of them not so obviously Plumish, which makes it even more delicious. You will be able to order the CD through our online store from the 5th of March onwards, but first check out the band's website to see what it's all about. Yo.

02/01/2011 / FOR STARTERS

So that was that.
First, the summary we promised: 2010 was for us a year of multiple publications, of travelling to multiple destinations and of receiving multiple nominations and awards. Thanks.
As for the future, we still know fairly little, but we do know the following:
a) We will most likely put out a re-issue of another 90s classic, "Ombreola" by Starzy Singers. Just like with "Rock-a-bubu", we will throw in some tasty bonus stuff onto the second CD. For example, the first demo tape with Seszka screaming even more than you're used to.
b) We will surely publish something by Piotrek Zabrodzki and Patryk Dąbrowski, who are still struggling to come up with a name for their project. Their music is likely to pleasantly demolish your ears for ever. Amen.
c) Also for sure, there will be something else from the PinkPunk crew, this time by Plum. We're really happy because their new album is a fucking classic.
d) In partnership with Lanquidity Records, we will put out vinyl records of Mitch & Mitch's "XXII Century Sound Pioneers" and Baaba's "Disco Externo". Both in 12' plus 7' versions. Pretty cool, no?
e) Minutes before his departure, Marcin Masecki took some preliminary steps with his band Profesjonalizm. When he comes back he will continue so this should also come out around pretty much about the nearest future of the days to come roughly sooner or later.
f) You can also count on Cukunft - they are entering a recording studio as we speak.


We will of course keep you updated with any new info.
Have a great 2011!


PS. We also recommend our last issue of 2010 - the long-promised album by Janek Duszyński. It is called "Mybeautifuldream" and is available in our online store.

08/12/2010 / NEAR THE YEAR'S END

2010 was pretty eventful and we’ll try to sum it up for you in about two weeks.
For now, just a shout-out that Paula i Karol’s album should finally be availabe in shops, big and small, located in various jewels of Polish architecture as well as in our online store.
Also, the real-world retailers should soon feature (in small quantities, but still) some of the older newbies: Kristen, Ed Wood, Masecki, Paristetris, LXMP, and even Mitch & Mitch with Igor Krutogolov OR EVEN Rock-a-bubu by Starzy Singers.
And composer Janek Duszyński’s album will be out before the end of this year. All gorgeous with the cover designed by Janek Dziaczkowski. Seriously.
As for our plans for 2011, those remain hazy. We will start discussing them in January.
(In spare time check the nice article about Lado ABC by clicking this link)

Howdy all English-speaking music listeners. Perhaps you came here for Paula & Karol's newest release "Overshare"? Well, calm it down! Their album is being burned and packaged as we speak and will be ready for you here on the 3rd of December!!! We accept orders from pretty much everwhere like the US, Japan, and the coolest countries in Europe. Paula & Karol are pumped to meet you so check back soon.

A few new releases are just around the corner:


1. ED WOOD "Anal Animal"


3. KRISTEN "Western Lands"

4. PARISTETRIS "Honey Darlin'"

5. PAULA I KAROL "Overshare"

6. JAN DUSZYŃSKI "Mybeautifuldream"


In this order, roughly.

All of them will soon be available in our store.

Also, we launched the Lado facebook page to which you are all more than welcome.

In other also's, the Mitches have returned from Brazil and SzaZa took off for the US.

And lots of other stuff around.

04/10/2010 / LADO WEEKEND!!!!!!

A microfestival takes place between 8th and 10th of October at Powiększenie club in Warsaw.

All the shows start at 8PM. No delays.


Chad Popple (Colossamite, Gorge Trio) - drums

Chad Popple + LXMP (Moretti / Zabrodzki)

Ed Wood


Jesse Rivkin (The Young Lungs) - guitar, vocal

Jesse Rivkin + Milky Balls (Candi / Masecki)



Yves Weyh (Zakarya, Tzadik Rec) - akordeon

Yves Weyh + Cukunft



Feel invited dziam.

18/06/2010 / LADO/WEEK AND MORE

1. LADO/WEEK /// WARSAW /// 05-10.07.2010
Lado Week is something that has been hanging above our heads for a few years and the longer it hanged the more artists got involved with our label. Eventually we managed to assemble quite a group to launch a serious attack and – while we’re at it – promote the coolest spots in Warsaw. Pretty neat, huh? 

Here’s the programme: 
5 July 
Nowy Wspaniały Świat (courtyard), 9 p.m., admission free 
Horny Trees 
DJ Lenar
6 July 
Plan B, 5 p.m., admission free 
OSiR Cafe, 9 p.m., 15 PLN 
Boeing (Marcin Masecki/Michał Górczyński) 
Asian Candies in Dick Flavore Sos Show (Candelaria Saenz Valiente/Joanna Sokołowska/Tomek Dubiel) 
7 July 
Powiększenie, 8 p.m., 15 PLN 
JKMusic (Marcin Masecki/Piotr Zabrodzki) 
Project Map (Michał Górczyński/Tomasz Duda) 
8 July 
Kulturalna Cafe, 9 p.m., 15 PLN 
9 July 
Chłodna25, 9 p.m., 15 PLN 
10 July 
Plac Zabaw, 5 p.m., admission free 
Paula i Karol 
Polpo Motel 
2. The July issue of The Wire features a long article about Polish music, including quotes from some of our crew, plus – for the subscribers – part two of the Contemporary Music From Poland mix, and this time no less than four treats from Lado ABC: Horny Trees, LXMP, Arszyn/Duda, Mem & Wolfram. We’re very happy and recommend it. 
3. Metallica... Cool but Lars has metronome issues. 

Much has happened, not much has been written. 
1. Another record came out – the duo called LXMP (Macio Moretti with Piotr Zabrodzki) put out their "Trois Suites + Une Miniature". You can order it here, and soon it will also be available in stores. 
2. SzaZa launched their live concert series entitled “SzaZa ZapraSza” (SzaZa Welcomes – the Polish version twist your tongue a little bit more and is therefore much more comical, you will have to trust us on that). So far, they’ve done gigs with the legendary King Kong, and are planning more. The whole thing will be chronicled on a DVD which will probably include everything the duo has ever produced, including this out-of-this-fucking-world amazing video
3. Arszyn/Duda’s record inspired some critical texts in Machina and Co Jest Grane (two influential magazines, you’ll have to trust us on that) as well as online – here and here
4. Levity have been sucked into Universal Music Polska and are on the brink of releasing the “Chopin Shuffle” CD. Pretty awesme, no? Keeping our fingers crossed.. 
5. We will have to wait a little while longer for Janek Duszyński’s record, but it’ll be worth it. 
6. Soon, we will launch a modernized website. Everything will be on it and everything. Plus, our online CD store will accept credit card payments. 
7. We have some interesting plans for the fall, but it would make no sense talking about them when the summer hasn’t even started yet. 

26/02/2010 / TELEGRAM

Mitch & Mitch and Cukunft are gathering wonderful reviews STOP! "Disco Externo" - the new album by Baaba is scheduled for release on 7th of April STOP! Paristetris finished their first recording sessions in Buenos Aires and go to Brazil for some gigs in a minute STOP! 

In our and your hands: 
*Cukunft "Itstikeyt / Fargangenheit" 
*Mitch & Mitch with their Incredible Combo "XXII Century Sound Pioneers" 
*Arszyn / Duda "ŚĘ" 
Now we’re just waiting for  Janek Duszyński’s album, and the plan will be carried out. 
All those treats available at www.sklep.ladoabc.com 
Plus more news soon, and finally links to all those beautiful videos. 

We have just got our hands on the first of this year’s expected surprises – Cukunft! A beautiful 2CD album will be available only at live gigs at first, but coming to your local store soon. 
Speaking of stores, we finally managed to launch our online store. If you go to www.sklep.ladoabc.com, you’ll get a chance to purchase anything we have to offer. So we’re head over heels! 
Now, all we are waiting for are the new Mitchz, the Arszyn/Duda duo, and a new album of composer Janek Duszyński. And then it’s aaaaaall gona be fine. 

Just a quickie, because New Year’s coming. 
2009 = 7 new releases, including one DVD: 
* Levity "Levity" 
** Mitch & Mitch "Blackmail/Extortion" 
*** Paristetris "Paristetris" 
**** Starzy Singers "Rock-a-bubu" 
*** Marcin Masecki "Bob" 
** Horny Trees "Branches Of Dirty Delight" 
* Sza/Za "Przed południem, przed zmierzchem" 
A couple of remarkable video clips were made, but links will be posted later. 
We played like a zillion shows. 
We found the best Polish rap at www.ogarnijsie.pl. 
Good stuff in general. 
For next year, meaning as of tomorrow, we promise the following: 
Cukunft "Itstikeyt/Fargangenheit" 2CD (seriously though!) 
Mitch & Mitch "XXII Century Sound Pioneers" 
Arszyn / Duda "ŚĘ" 
Jan Duszyński (untitled yet) 
Plus a few sweet treats in th spring. 
All the best starting tomorrow (not today). 

21/05/2009 / FULLPROSPRING

The spring season is officially over, which, for us, means five new records and one DVD published (listed here in order of appearance): 
Levity’s "Levity" 
Paristetris’s "Paristetris" 
Horny Trees’ "Branches of Dirty Delight" 
Mitch & Mitch’s "Blackmail/Extortion DVD" 
Marcin Masecki’s "Bob" 
Starzy Singers’ "Rock-a-Bubu" 
In other news: 
a) The aforementioned can be purchased at serpent.pl, and will soon be available in the iTunes Store and CD Baby. But most importantly, our website will soon feature an online shop! And there will be no more need for making sculptures. 
b) The latest issue of The Wire has a bonus in the form of a CD with music from Poland, and it makes us particularily happy, because the record opens with the wonderful Electrodomestics by Paristetris, and further offers a piece by the Sisters duo: Raphael Rogiński and DJ Lenar. 
c) Mitch & Mitch are flying to Israel for a week to play a gig and finish the work on the album with Igor Krutogolov ofKruzenshtern i Parohod
d) Life sucks. 

06/04/2009 / HEH-HEH

Delays and fuckups (same old, same old), but the following we’ve written in stone: 
1. A project has mysteriously emerged from our little group, launched by Marcin Masecki, his wife Candi Saenz Valiente and their friend Macio Moretti. It is called Paristetris, they will play a few gigs in April and put out a record on April 27!!! 
2. Starzy Singers’ “Rock-a-bubu”! No shit. Should be available in fine music stores in the second half of April. It was scheduled for earlier, but instead will return for the 10th anniversary of the original issue. Now how about that! 
3. Mitch & Mitch changed their plans again. The live DVD will be out in May, under the working title “Blackmail/Extortion”. It will be available in stores and during the beginning-of-May tour with Cheer-Accident. 
4. Horny Trees have decided to go with Lado for their second album. The record has already undergone mastering, and is now awaiting the graphic work which is being patiently prepared by Robert Czajka. 
5. Cukunft. (laughter audible in background) False start. 
6. Levity are beginning to collect positive reviews. They have already made Co Jest Grane’s album of the week and are waiting for more. 
7. A few gigs coming up. Check the ‘Tour’ section of the website. 
8. The Spring. 


OK, things will be a bit different after all. 
Levity's debut album on 13 February - that stays the same. 
But Mitch and Mitch's DVD will come out a little later, and together with a new CD. 
Let's say... Mayish. 
Earlier, in March, Marcin Masecki will show his "Bob". 
And then Horny Trees - they have a new album coming out, it turns out. 
And then (drum roll...) Cukunft! 
We shit you not! 
Oh, and the re-issue of Starzy Singers' "Rock-a-Bubu". 
Somewhere in between, but don't ask. 
Jesus christ.