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I'm a producer. Is it possible to receive a licence for chosen tracks due to my project?

It all depends on the artist, if he's willing to give that license or not. Please contact them directly about this matter.


I'm an artist. Can I send You my demo?

Theoretically Yes. Although we do forget to give any feedback/reply and it might look akward. Nevertheless if You feel like sending it, hit us with a SoundCloud/Youtube link to this address If those tracks will change our life, we'll certainly get in touch with You. If not, please don't blame us and forgive us. Back in the days, rather than sending demos somewhere, we decided to start a label ourselves. Anyone can do it and we keep our fingers crossed if You do so.


Where I can meet Lado ABC?

Lado ABC can be met in many places. Absolutely try our concerts. Some of us, all of us, us can be seen in Ladom, still nothing can be promised.


Why summer is so short?

Actually answer to this question is very simple.




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